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Parent Volunteers

Both campuses run the same curriculum - families need only select between half day or whole day class

Parent Volunteers

Morning / Afternoon Volunteer
Encourage and help children develop self-care skills such as changing and putting away their shoes, greeting others and helping with school bus arrivals


- Lunch Volunteer
Helping out with lunch (For Tivoli Nursery ‧ Tivoli Kindergarten Only)


- Story Readers
Assist students in borrowing and returning books and conducting small group reading. we will arrange for parents to participate in storytelling workshops


- Photographer
Helping us capture photos and videos at our major school events


- First Aid Team
Parents who are doctors or nurses are invited to provide their services at major school events

- Activity Volunteer
Assist teachers with leading activities with students, Such as outdoor visits, CHINESE New Year activities etc

- Gardener
Assist with caring for school plants i.e. repotting/planting. Open daffodil heads with children before Chinese New Year; conduct planting / flower arrangement activities

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