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Fees & Services
School Fees

We believe quality education should be affordable and accessible.

Below are the monthly school fees for the academic year of 2022-2023 for each of our two campuses. Please note that school fees may be adjusted each year.
At the kindergarten levels (K1-K3),  additional fees are required for each of our two terms for materials, snacks and supplies.

Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

2223 School Fees TK Eng.png

Tivoli Nursery & Tivoli Kindergarten

2223 School Fees TN Eng.png


  • The monthly fee for whole day school includes meal expenses.

  • As the subsidy is divided among the whole school year, the school fee may differ for September. Please refer to notices issued by the school for confirmation.

  • The School Supplies and Snacks Fee is collected once per term.

School Bus Service

Watch the video below to learn more about our routes serviced this year

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