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Our Story Begins in 1996


Tsing Yi has been home to Tivoli for over 25 years. In 1996, our first kindergarten, Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten was founded by Chief Principal Carmen Chan Ka Mun in Tivoli Garden, the first sandwich class housing complex in Hong Kong. Though the housing complex was designed to cater to middle income households, from early days, the school aimed to respect and serve families of all needs. 


Established during the days of the handover, Tivoli understood the importance Hong Kong held at the intersection of Chinese and Western culture and placed a heavy emphasis on establishing a rich trilingual language (Cantonese, English, Putonghua) environment that remains a huge part of our curriculum. 


As Tsing Yi expanded and developed, Tivoli did too, with Tivoli Nursery & Kindergarten established in 1999 and Tivoli International Playschool in 2010 to keep up with increasing demands. As part of the Tivoli family, both campuses upheld our beliefs in placing a heavy emphasis on language, respecting all families and learners, creating a rich learning environment and communicating through positive discipline. 


As the world has continued to change, so have we, as we have adapted to the different needs and demands of our community and families over the years. However, our belief that happy, hands-on childhood experiences rooted in positive relationships, rich environmental exposure and should be accessible to all remains unchanged and continues to drive us forwards in our goal to providing quality early childhood education.


Tivoli Kindergarten was established with the goal of providing affordable quality education that did not come at a premium


Tivoli Nursery was founded due to high placement demands.


Tivoli was awarded the Kwai Tsing Safe and Healthy School Award, awarded by Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association Ltd.


Quality Assurance Inspection Report, awarded by Quality Assurance Kindergartens Department of Education Bureau


Tivoli International Playschool established. 

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