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"A non-local local school"

Both campuses run the same curriculum - families need only select between half day or whole day class

Inquiry Learning Approach 

Inquiry-based learning (also known as experiential learning) is a teaching model that cultivates children's love of learning and to encourage them to learn actively. 

In inquiry-based learning, the teacher will use different ways to arouse children’s interest in a topic. Sometimes the teacher will ask the children meaningful and quality questions for the children to think about, sometimes the teacher will ask the children’s opinions, and sometimes the teacher will provide different materials for learners to experience and construct meaning from through problem solving and research. The purpose is to cultivate an attitude of active learning, allowing them to gradually construct knowledge from experience spontaneously.

A Biliterate & Trilingual Environment

All classes have a Cantonese, English, and Putonghua teacher working together to teach all six major areas of learning.

A holistic learning environment

All six major learning areas are integrated and taught in Cantonese, English and Putonghua. Literacy is taught through our integrated Chinese learning, English phonics and Putonghua school based program. Problem solving behaviours are introduced through our math, innovating and STEM classes and positive education is communicated through stories and independent learning. Music and movement is explored through songs and rhymes, gross motor and rhythmic exercises and artistic studies.​

Our maximum teacher-student ratio is 1:11

Learning centres

Each classroom is carefully designed with learning centres in mind. Each learning centre is designed according to allow for self directed learning, and individual and small group learning through themes. The activities in each corner/centres have clear objectives providing diversified learning materials with various levels of difficulty to allow children to choose freely according to their own ability and interest.

Tracking Learning

Curated environments designed by experienced educators 

Development trackers 

Daily observations, documentation and anecdotal records provide  holistic representations to track development

Parental expectations

We expect our familes to be involved and interested, and to communicate transparently

Designed for 2-6 Years Olds

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Our Results

Parents of Tivoli need not worry about their elementary school placements

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