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Ms. Carmen Chan BBS, JP

Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten was established in March 1996. Under the leadership of the Chief Principal, Ms. Carmen Chan Ka Mun, BBS, JP, the Tivoli Nursery and Tivoli International Playschool were opened in 1999 and 2010 respectively. 


Chief Principal’s Message

First off, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our families who are joining us this new school year. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have an exciting year ahead of us. Though whole day teaching is still currently suspended by the EDB for whole day classes, the school continues to try its best to balance the needs of our families while remaining vigilant against the pandemic. Families who require assistance from our school are recommended to apply for child care services following the relevant emails. 

2021-2022 School Year Development Plan

Having spent this summer merging our resources from our international section with our local curriculum, there are a number of exciting changes to look forward to, including;

1. A Stronger Linguistic Environment

Having increased our number of English and Putonghua speaking educators this year in both of our campuses, we are excited about the greater number of daily opportunities our learners will have listening to and interacting in Cantonese, English and Putonghua. It is our goal to establish a language rich environment that encourages trilingualism among our learners. 


2. Enhanced Curriculum, Drawing on Research & International Trends

As we focus on quality interactions, inclusive and meaningful inquiry in our program, we continue to look abroad and locally for best practices. We are currently involved in numerous studies and research this year, including the Rhythm and Movement Self Regulation and Inclusive Quality project in collaboration with different professional sectors. We look forward to incorporating their findings in designing our program.


3. More Opportunities for Parental Involvement

We know we have found great partners in our parents, however our stakeholder surveys have shown that though our families share our view towards the function of education, some have struggled with putting their beliefs into practice. Therefore we will be introducing a series of activities for parents to get involved in throughout the school year to strengthen our school-community relations, provide parents with the opportunity to see our philosophy in action and grow our community of like-minded individuals.


4. Re-Introducing Tivoli’s Grasshopper Scouts

After several years of absence, Tivoli’s Scout program for K2-K3 students will be returning this year. The scout program is designed to foster a sense of responsibility, independence and active involvement in individuals through games, team activities and challenges. If this is something your child may be interested in, keep an eye out for upcoming emails.


With all the upcoming excitement in the year ahead, I would like to remind our families that we always love hearing from you. Communication, compassion and understanding are the pillars of our community and your comments make us better together.


I am excited to be sharing the year ahead with you and can’t wait to see you soon! 

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