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  • When should I apply for my child? 應該在什麼時候為我的孩子申請入學?
    Our school year begins at the end of August, so if you're planning one year ahead, check our website in early September of the year before, to apply during our major intake. For example, if you want to apply for August 2020-2021, you should apply in September 2019. However, if you've missed it, don't worry! You can place on our waiting list found on our Admissions page and we'll contact you once a place is made available. 我們的學年從 8 月底開始,所以請在入學前一年的 9 月初透過我們的網頁進行入學申請。 例如,如果您想申請2020-2021年8月入學,您應該在2019年9月申請。但是,如果您錯過了,請不要擔心!您可以在我們的招生頁面上串請插班,一但有學位空缺,我們將與您聯絡。
  • How old should my child be to start school? 我的孩子可以在幾多歲開始上學?
    Generally, children are aged: 2-3 years old in our Pre-Nursery (PN) classes 3-4 years old in our K1 Junior classes 4-5 years old in our K2 Senior classes, and 5-6 years old in our K3 Pre-Primary classes 一般來說,孩子的年齡: 2-3 歲可以入讀學前班 (PN) 3-4 歲可以入讀 K1 幼兒班 4-5 歲可以入讀 K2 低班 5-6 歲可以入讀 K3 高王
  • How do you teach? 學校教什麼?
    As facilitators, our educators are focused on helping each child develop competency in their own abilities, with respect to each child's pace of learning and level of comfort. What this might look like is an educator closely observing a child working on a puzzle, and instead of stepping in and rotating a piece when the child is struggling, they may instead stand back and offer a question like "Hmm. I wonder if we can turn the puzzle piece?". However, we also recognise the importance of direct instruction in some areas of learning, like literacy and math. 作為教育工作者,我們的老師專注於幫助每個孩子發展他們自己的能力,這與每個孩子的學習速度和發展有關。 這可能看起來像一位教育者密切觀察正在拼圖的孩子,而不是在孩子掙扎時介入並旋轉一塊,他們可能會退後一步並提出這樣的問題:“嗯。我想知道我們是否可以轉動拼圖?”。但是,我們也認識到直接教學在某些學習領域的重要性,例如識字和數學。



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